Sometimes we all need help...


We offer confidential, supportive counselling for individuals, aged 18 years and upwards. We can help you achieve change – in yourself, at home and at work.

Counselling provides a safe, private space where you can share and explore your thoughts and feelings.

How might counselling help?

We all face challenges throughout our lives, as we cope with relationships, change and loss. Sometimes friends and family can help. But sometimes it can feel easier to talk with someone who has special training in helping you make sense of things, to enable you to build healthier relationships and live a happier, more meaningful life.

What sort of issues can we help with?





Past issues











Major life changes and personal growth


We can work with you on many issues but if we feel you need further specialist support we can signpost you to these services.

CCS is not a crisis or out of hours service.

If you are in urgent need of emotional or medical support please contact your GP, West Sussex Mental Healthline (24 hour helpline) or the Samaritans (24 hour helpline).

What happens when you contact us?

First we arrange an introductory appointment (70 minutes) with one of our specially trained counsellors, when you can discuss what has brought you to counselling and consider together what kind of help you need. Before and during that appointment, we will ask you for some information, including your contact details, date of birth and your doctor.

If you decide after this meeting that you would like to come for counselling and we feel we can help you, we will add your name to our waiting list for a suitable counsellor. The more availability you can offer during the week, the sooner you are likely to be allocated a counsellor. As soon as one is available, they will contact you and agree an appointment to start your weekly counselling sessions.

You would meet with your counsellor weekly, for 50 minutes. This can be face to face in our offices, on the phone or online, and would be at the same time and date each week. Depending on your needs, your counselling may last from a few weeks or longer.

Occasionally, we feel that we do not have the right skills to help someone. We then do our best to provide information about other sources of help.

What do our clients say about us?

‘life changing, fantastic service, incredibly helpful’


‘I joined in a bit of a mess and am leaving in a good frame of mind!’


‘I have no words to explain how much it has helped me! I felt listened to, able to open myself up and learnt a lot. It's been excellent from the admin team to therapist, I felt they were all there to help’


‘The counselling exceeded my expectations. I now have a job and am much happier.’


How much does counselling cost?

Chichester Counselling Service is a not-for-profit organisation. We receive no financial support from the Government or NHS. We rely on the fees our clients pay to keep the Service going.

Our aim is to provide counselling that it is accessible to all and so apply a sliding scale of fees, so we can operate in this way.

Introductory appointment

The standard charge for this appointment is £45. However, this fee is negotiable and can be discussed when you first contact us.

Weekly counselling sessions

The standard charge for a weekly counselling session is £40, payable in advance by bank transfer. This fee is also negotiable and you will be able to discuss your weekly fee at your introductory appointment.

Your weekly fee will take into account your personal circumstances. It will be reviewed if your circumstances change.

We charge for all missed or cancelled sessions, except for any cancelled by your counsellor.

What is Psychodynamic Counselling and how can it help?

There are many kinds of counselling available, which can feel confusing. The counselling available through GP practices and NHS outpatient clinics is generally Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), which aims to improve current symptoms, such as social anxiety and patterns of negative thinking. This can be helpful: but sometimes the source of our difficulties lies beneath these current symptoms, often connecting with the past, and we need someone else to help us make sense of it.

We specialise in psychodynamic counselling. This aims to bring to the surface, through talking with a skilled counsellor, thoughts and patterns that you may not have been aware of before, because they were unconscious.

Sometimes painful feelings and memories of past experiences are too difficult for our conscious minds to process yet they continue to affect our day-to-day lives, leading to repeating patterns of difficulty, in relationships or at work, for example.

Psychodynamic counselling can help us unravel and understand these deep-rooted feelings - and also the defences we often build up, to protect ourselves. These defences (such as over-working, humour and 'putting on a brave face') are often effective for some time - but they don't solve our real problems, they just help suppress the painful parts of ourselves. Understanding these underlying causes helps us begin the journey towards achieving change, in how we feel about ourselves and in our relationships with others.


Counselling for students studying Counselling and Psychotherapy elsewhere

Students studying counselling or psychotherapy at other training institutions can access our counselling service for our standard fee of £40 per session. Please contact our Counselling Manager direct for more information and bookings.


Call us on 01243 789 200 or click here to email.


How we handle complaints and privacy

You can access our Client Complaints Policy here. and our Client Privacy Notice here.


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