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Why choose to train in Psychodynamic Counselling?

At Chichester Counselling, we believe that training in psychodynamic counselling is the best possible foundation for study and practice - whether you plan to pursue counselling as your vocation, or whether you want to enrich your current work, voluntary activity or personal relationships through counselling skills. Through the study and practice of psychodynamic counselling, you will learn and see how transference, countertransference and projection work between individuals and in groups, and how change can occur as a result. 

Psychodynamic counselling shares the principles of psychoanalysis, but is less intensive and is generally framed by once-weekly work. It can help people with a wide range of difficulties to make significant changes in how they make decisions and interact with others. It is based on a framework of knowledge and evidence, built up over many years, about how each human develops psychologically by adapting to their particular life and circumstances, and how this adaptation is affected by both helpful and unhelpful experiences over time.

Our tutors, supervisors and counsellors are specialists in psychodynamic counselling and can provide you with a firm foundation in the theory and practice of this fascinating and valuable work.

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