Why choose Psychodynamic Counselling?

We specialise in psychodynamic counselling.  This aims to bring to the surface, through talking with a skilled counsellor, thoughts and patterns that you may not previously have been aware of, because they were unconscious. 

Sometimes painful feelings and memories of past experiences are too difficult for our conscious minds to process – yet they continue to affect our day-to-day lives, leading to repeating patterns of difficulty, in relationships or at work, for example. 

Psychodynamic counselling can help us unravel and understand these deep-rooted feelings – and the defences we often build up, to protect them.  These defences (such as humour; over-working; ‘putting on a brave face’) can often be effective for some time – but they don’t solve our real problems, only help suppress the painful parts of ourselves.  Understanding these underlying causes begins the journey towards achieving changes in how we feel about ourselves and in our relationships with others.

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